Artday – Chloe Paul


Chloe Paul A day At The Beach 2 2009
A Day At The Beach by Chloe Paul
Purchase from Zoe Murphy Design

Porn (SFW)


cabin porn Bill Putham Lodge BC by Seth Ayates

noun: material regarded as emphasising the sensuous or sensational aspects of a non-sexual subject and stimulating a compulsive interest in their audience.

adjective: pornographic, constituting or resembling pornography; obscene.

I never knew it was the term ‘graphic’ that made all the difference. Below are my top three porn sites that are all totally suitable for work.

1. Cabin Porn
The most amazing collection of cabins in the middle of nowhere, some of them look so remote… bliss. The site is as tranquil as the settings. They also produce a book, buy it.



via weyoume

Door study



It’s good to thrash out ideas. Here we did some rough 3D sketches showing a myriad of door options. Follow the jump to see the rest of them.

Melbourne Liveability


1 index-map

I was digging through my files and found these maps, that look at indexing the liveability of Melbourne. The graphs are super simple however they’re from 2011 so I hope The Age re-does them again sometime in the near future. Lets assume the research behind them is sound, they indexed each suburb according to a bunch of fair criteria and named the best and worst suburbs according the statistics, follow the jump to see each one.


Key Branding offices


0096_15-7-21-2-136c journal

I love doing office fit-outs, I cut my teeth on big companies in Sydney such as Foxtel, Y&R, AMP, Murdoch Magazines and it still excites me. The majority of offices today have moved toward a similar path as bulk homes; risk averse, cookie cutter banality. When a client comes along who wants a new exciting office and is willing to seek some forward thinking and strategic planning then an architect can help, the results can be excellent. Considering we spend more daylight hours in our workplaces than we do at home you’d think this may influence more people in their design choices.

This project was for a fledgling agency called Key Branding, a fantastic easy going client that was onboard every step of the way. One of the directors even did all the 3D imagery during the design process. Look at our projects page here for more images and text.

Artday – Richard Serra



Richard Serra (born 1939) new work in Qatar 2015 via Archdaily

Cottage in Strzelecki

Cottage progress shot

Cottage progress shot

A small cottage in the Strzelecki Ranges of Victoria. A modest single room cabin with an awesome slow combustion heater and attached bathroom. Its almost finished, I’ll add some more progress images soon followed by a full rundown as a project page, check back in the coming months.

Photo credit, Dave Roberts of CDR Electrics. My electrician is the best. Dave was so proud of his late night work on a Friday evening he sent this picture above (shot on an iPhone).

Follow the jump to see some before & progress shots.

Charles & Ray Eames – Power of Ten


Almost 40 years old and this film is still phenomenal. The background information has only changed marginally but its more about the way these guys have conveyed this in a film.

Space is so hot right now.

Land Rover


Land Rover recently created an excellent Valentines campaign that probably cost them very little. Some feel good stuff in here. Well done to the advertising agency that solved this little brief.

Makes me want to get cracking on my Series II project, there it is… I’ve said it out loud therefore I have to follow through and do it.

Archibald 2015



Check out the latest Archibald Portrait Prize, a couple of great ones from our favourite gallery: This is no Fantasy in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Go see them all at The Art Gallery of NSW, I’ll try and get up there soon if it doesn’t do the rounds here in Victoria.

Tianli Zu titled ‘Edmund, your Twomblys are behind you’.

Carl Sagan


The guy who created this short film Wanderers is Erik Wernquist and he needs to do some crowd funding on Kickstarter and make a feature length movie. I’ll back it in a second. The place I found this suggested you turn off the lights, go full screen and full volume.

The clincher with this film is the narration by Carl Sagan, there is something totally commanding about his voice, look him up on YouTube such as the pale Blue Dot .  Soon they’ll start using our current favourite Professor Brian Cox.

Artday – Ben Quilty



Ben Quilty Joe-Burger 2006

AAA – John Wardle Architects




The next event for the AAA is a Short Black with John Wardle speaking and hosting a tour of the newly completed Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne. The building was designed in association with Boston based practice NADAA.

The talk will commence this coming Wednesday the 25th of March at 6:00pm, for more information and to book tickets go to the AAA website.

We look forward to seeing you there.



architect christmas 2014 1 card

All the best for the Christmas holiday and thank you for your support in 2014. We look forward to 2015 and hope to catch up soon in the new year.

My Christmas gift for this year was something that I whipped up myself. Have a look inside the card to see what I mean. Follow the jump to see how I did it.

Sustainability is not for hippies



During my architectural education there were many lessons on environmental design. Previously, these concepts were only touted by hippies, in my time, they soon became buzz words and items that were applied to a building. Today in our office a design does not pass the first tests without rigorous and constant environmental assessment. Volume built homes rarely consider any. Passive solar design including orientation, building mass, solar access & shading, embodied energy & material selections are all integral to the process.


AAA – Clare Cousins Architects



CCousins_ChomleySt_7507 journal

The first AAA “At Home with the Architect” event was held in Nov 2014. I chose Clare Cousins for this event as her work is simply beautiful. Clare has won numerous awards in recent years including the AIA VIC & National Emerging Architect Prize in 2013, Clare opened her private home for this session and was very generous with her time. We had a good crowd and everyone greatly appreciated Clare’s candid discussion on the process and thinking behind her design for this house, thank you again Clare.

I look forward to organising plenty more events for the AAA so keep an eye out.

Please also consider becoming a member of the Australian Architecture Association so we can provide more events in the future.

Ask an Architect




Driving along the Nepean Hwy in Brighton Victoria (near the corner of North Rd) I usually look up at the billboards expecting to see another big player advertising their wares; Caltex, Land Rover, Safeway etc. This time I was pleasantly surprised to see my local chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) advertising me.
This is excellent and I can’t imagine my membership dollars being spent any better way. Delving a little deeper, my only query to the AIA; as a member, is my practice on the ‘ask an architect’ website? After a little research I found this initiative is a rebranding of Achicentre therefore I don’t think I am by default. I will have to fix that. Our AIA are doing plenty of things, some say too many with diluted effect. I generally disagree with this position however we certainly do need a lift to our profile.

I think an advertising program is fantastic, the copy is long but effective. While these ads are leading the public to a particular website, the affects are much broader with the collateral being all architects.

Steve is speaking at NAM



I will be hosting the New Architects Melbourne #13 half-time forum tonight. I’ll be speaking on behalf of the AAA and discussing all the different organisations that represent architects. See you there.


AAA – Sean Godsell Architects



Earl Carter

Earl Carter

Sean Godsell will be speaking at the RMIT Design Hub in AAA’s Short Black Talk at Indesign: The Event on Aug 22. More information here.