Artday – Q Yachts

Is it an artday or a boat day, I don’t know myself so lets say it’s both. This little puppy is just so beautiful that it doesn’t really matter, it’s really a piece of art on the water. I think I am drawn to well designed boats because so many of them look like they aren’t […]

Wally Cento

This is the new Wally 100 footer called Tango. Lucca Bassani of Wally says the ‘racer cruiser’ is a important category for them, he notes they are built for racing but the cruiser component makes them a lot more enjoyable and in the long term, much more valuable. A pure bred hollowed out racer will […]

Wally WHY

This is the mega or giga-yacht called WHY, designed in 2009 by Luca Bassani of Wally in collaboration with Hermes, the fashion house. Inventive in many ways but most notably in it’s shape, it is almost as wide as it is long. This unique form provides a massive volume and added stability, I found some […]

AR-VAG dinghy

I’ve posted a few items on mega yachts and luxury boats however I thought it was high time to tackle the other end of the market. Obviously still in-keeping with the theme of good design I’ve added this little beauty called the AR-VAG. Follow the jump below to see the action shot that makes this […]

Wally Yachts

This is the 143 ft (43m) Wally yacht called Esense. The name is a little corny but when you commission a piece of work to the value of $20M, you can call it anything you want. Designed by Wally Yachts (ITA) Naval Architecture by Tripp Design (USA) & the interior designed by Odile Decq (FRA). […]