Artday – Callum Morton

Photo by John Gollings
Photo by John Gollings

Gormenghast by Callum Morton 2016. On display now in the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) forecourt. Callum is represented by Anna Schwartz in Melbourne & Roslyn Oxley9 in Sydney.

*Correction: This project was commissioned by MAP, DAMP, Curatorial Practice, MADA & MUMA. That is pretty hard to follow but just go with it. I finally got around to checking this out and it no longer looks like the image above. It is a temporary evolving structure that is being used and repurposed as need arises with found objects… to be honest it now looks like a recycled shack and the beauty has been lost. Callum is a Professor at Monash Uni and he worked on the original project with architects Andrew Bonnie and Nicholas Agius.

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