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Artday – Yves Klein

yves klein venus bleu 1962 journal
Yves Klein Venus Bleu 1962.

Many years ago the artist Yves Klein invented a new colour called International Klein Blue, it’s so iridescent that your screen can not possibly depict it to its fullest. This is no reason we can’t quickly discuss it here. The Australian Gallery in Sydney (AGNSW) had a piece in their rotating contemporary galleries some years ago, keep an eye out. It was not on display last week when I checked but you never know as you’ll likely see something else that may be just as interesting. Klein painted loads of items with this colour and all of them were beautiful. Canvases, busts, sculptures including a mould of himself. It’s a captivating colour and worth checking out. He has a book Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers. I also recently read that the artist Anish Kapoor just trademarked a new black that is blacker than black called Vantablack, it’s so black that it has the effect of viewing a black hole or nothing. I imagine the US military may be a little upset. I’m also not that keen on anyone obtaining a patent or trademark for a colour, colours are not products, they are like the elements.