Canvas Chair

Designed in 2003 by Tokyo based studio YOY, Naomi Ono & Yuki Yamamoto created something pretty special here. You can see how this works from the images below or if you can’t be bothered then read these instructions: Step 1. Buy the chair/artwork 2. Hang it on the wall 3. Take it down when needed and lean it against the wall 4. Sit. It is one of the most original pieces of design I have ever seen. Options come as typical chair, arm chair and a sofa all styled on the Louis XV chair, a classic theme that has stood the test of time. Elastic fabric over an aluminium frame, the armchair is 1500h x 1100w x 40mm deep… yep that is only 4cm deep. Distributed by Innermost in HK & London and available in Australia through ECC Lighting & Furniture. Links to all those sites are there. Images curtesy YOY and I’m pretty sure this was first posted on Dezeen a long time ago. More images below.