Artday – Supreme Clay Brick


Following on from the last post regarding the Supreme SF store here, I mentioned the brand Supreme and their crazy accessories range, this is a prime example of their wildly eclectic series of branded items: the ‘Supreme Clay Brick’  which is exactly that, a clay brick.  This was released in 2016 for approximately AUD $45 per brick and as with most of their items they are issued on a limited run to create scarcity.  It is hard to believe but this is no joke, the resale value of Supreme items is where things get interesting.  Fanboys line up for this stuff and do the hard and embarrassing work of cueing physically or online for “a brick” then they place them on the secondhand market where they cash in while having the last laugh on their way to the bank.  To clarify how serious this resale market really is; in May 2019 Sotheby’s Hong Kong held an auction “The Supreme Vault: 1998-2018” with an estimate for the brick between HKD $1,000 – $2,000 (AUD $190 – $380), no mention of the final sale value but a quick search showed results of about AUD $1,500.  Finally consider a humble brick made in the billions is worth $1.00.  Branding!

Casa Ocho Quebradas by Alejandro Aravena


I often get totally obsessed with some buildings where I just can’t get enough of them. It happens regularly and when it does I research every piece of information that is available and study them intently, I get very excited when something new pops up on the interwebs, in journals or publications. Some prime examples are Maison a Bordeaux by OMA and the The Solo House by OFFICE KGDvS, some other more local projects are the Hawthorn House by Edition Office and the Flinders House by DCM… all beautiful houses.

Casa Ocho is epic, elemental and monumental. A holiday retreat with monastic qualities, located on a private cliff top in a very rugged area. The house is made up of three simple stacked blocks that is quite evident in the images. The horizontal base block houses the main living & master bedroom spaces that are partially underground. The roof of this is the entry platform that also holds up the second block which is stacked vertically, it houses the lobby, stair circulation and 3 bedrooms, bathrooms and wine store. On top of this you find an concealed external terrace space, the final result seems to have diverged from the original plan that included a spa area, refer image below (I’m guessing budgetary constraints). The third block is stacked just off vertical and is a massive hollowed out chimney for want of a better description. The materials are raw concrete inside and out and from what I can tell the window shutters are timber however they have been stained to match the concrete colouring making the buildings appear all the more monolithic.


Christmas 2019


Artworks by David Shrigley

The office has adopted new hours for the holidays, these will be in place from 24 Dec 2019 to 14 Jan 2020. To all my great clients, thank you for such excellent projects and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year, have a great holiday.

Tesla Cybertruck



Jeez I wish the press would lay off Elon, there is no other entrepreneur working on, or off, the planet that is putting his money where his mouth is to this level.  No doubt he has a few missteps but all the good is just so great.

I’m a big fan of Tesla and I love the new Cybertruck utility. I have little need for a utility in my life but if I did; I would seriously consider pre ordering one along with the 150,000 others that have.  The design is reminiscent of many movies such as Bladerunner, Star Wars, Total Recall or any other with a futuristic setting, it looks like it has basically come from the future, maybe that is why there has been such a reaction to it.

The stats of Tesla vehicles are always incredible and this one is no different with all sorts of features such as Ultra-Hard 30x Cold-Rolled stainless-steel panels, I have no idea what 30X means in this context but it sounds mean. An exoskeleton, I’m guessing is, similar to a monocoque chassis. Bullet-proof glass is probably a little overboard unless you’re based in Kabul, still cool.  Automatic suspension is a great idea, Range Rover have been at this for a while.   Six seats, the new Land Rover Defender just came out with this option last month via a Dicky seat in the front row. All this on-top of the regular Tesla features of electric propulsion, rechargeable batteries, semi-autonomous driving capability and awesome interior and tech features including a car that can drive in a mode called “Ludicrous Speed”, thank you Mel Brooks.

The design of this thing is off the charts and I can’t wait to see them on the road. Some links to previous Tesla posts of mine here, here and here.

Supreme SF



I’m no fanboy and I’ll queue for nothing. Supreme have just posted some images of their new store in San Fransisco. For the benefit of those that don’t know; the Supreme clothing brand is a little bit popular and they produce some iconic and kinda cool items, they also produce some stuff that I am sure is a joke for their own benefit including Supreme branded toothpicks for $120… you have to admit that is pretty funny but also sad as some take it seriously and purchase them. The branding is always referential including their logo that is channeling Barbara Kruger’s work.

Anyway, as always I digress, the newly built store is reminiscent of their New York shop and also includes a skate ramp that has been constructed in such a way to present the underside of the transitions and framing as a sculptural element. It looks stunning and clean, I love it. The fact the park get used adds some authenticity to their ethos… also a great idea to blow off some steam with a little schralp.

The artworks stationed around the floor are by Mark Gonzales, a skateboarding legend.

Artday – China Smog


Picture credit Unknown

Fixtures, Fittings & Finishes


Sussex Collection Tapware


FF&F or Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes are an integral part of the design process in our office.  A quick explanation; fixtures are taps and bathroom ware, kitchen sinks, they are things that are fixed into place.  Fittings are items like lights, pendants, blinds, security systems and the like, they happen to be fitted in place.  Finishes are materials and coatings, what is the floor, what are the walls, the ceiling, the window frames and roof?  This process starts well before the beginning of any project as we are constantly researching and sourcing new materials and fixtures for future projects, we have no preconceived  ideas of what will suit you or your project when you come to us but we are constantly cataloging bits and pieces whenever we see beautiful items.  We are, of-course, designers so we reward other good designers by taking note of their products over poor designers or copies.  We seek beauty, harmony and balance in every item that goes into a new project and we seek out tested innovations.  We also look at products that we believe will have longevity and stand the test of time.


Artday – Jack Crossing


Jack Crossing

Tutoring Professional Practice


Callum Morton MUMA

I just finished a semester of tutorial work for the Professional Practice course at Monash University Art, Design & Architecture dept (MADA) with Thom MacKenzie of Winwood MacKenzie. Thom put together a very exciting new way of lecturing this final year subject that was far removed from the dry “don’t get sued” mentality of the course during my degree. The lectures were very insightful and the work produced by the students was exceptional. It was great to be involved and to give back but I took away just as much.

The image above is Silverscreen 2010 by Callum Morton, Callum is the professor of Fine Arts at Monash, this work of his is installed at Monash Uni between the Architecture building to the left and the DCM designed Arts building to right and above the MUMA gallery entrance. Callum’s work is always spectacular.

Artday – Korban Flaubert


Knot 3 by Korban Flaubert

This stunning piece is from their Nude series, they’re desktop size and handmade in stainless steel. Check out KF’s website here where you’ll see an array of different sized artworks and also a fantastic series of furniture pieces.

ZNTH AR Telescope


Raymond Ng

UK designer Raymond Ng has come up with a beautiful and simplified concept for the classic telescope design. Traditionally, telescopes have been very technical to the point of discouraging the less experienced, Raymond notes “it eliminates complex looking scopes, dials and switches for a clean user experience”. The object is stunning but the level of modification makes it special, you can start with the basic lens and as your experience level rises you upgrade the main scope attachment providing deeper exploration. His concept also offers viewing enhanced with augmented reality (AR). To understand what that means I suggest you download SkyGuide on the iOS App Store, I use this regularly and it’s also great for children to get a handle of the universe around us. The tube internals are painted with Vantablack, very cool. I would love to see his design come to fruition as the premise is fantastic, I assume that concepts like this either need an established company to make them a reality or alternatively a keen designer can go down the Kickstarter path.

I extrapolated his name from his website address and a link to his Instagram, I also assumed he is in the UK by the same means. Strange to not have a Bio. via Yanko Design here and the designers own site here.  Some more images below.


Artday – Olafur Eliasson


Your Rainbow Panorama 2011 by Olafur Eliasson
Photo Lars Aarø



Image ℅ ACCA

The office will be closed from 24 Dec and reopening 09 Jan. Thank you for all of your support throughout the year and we look forward to working with you again in the new year.

Artday – Chris Engman


These images are pretty extraordinary. You need to really look at them closely to see what is going on, I’ll give you a hint, there is no tree in this room. I’ve added more images after the jump or check out his site here for more. I probably saw this on Colossal, always interesting.


Neo Tokyo Metro


Beautiful video artwork by Afridimensional. Reminds me of the genesis for our corporate ID graphics, an obscure nothing image mirrored over itself. via Gizmodo

Volvo Electric Cabins



All car manufacturers are working with electric cars now and the technological side of things seems to be moving along very nicely thanks to the great work of our modern day Nikola Telsa; Elon Musk, refer to a few of my previous posts on Tesla here or Mercedes’ version here. Once the safety measures are fully ironed out, we will then be able to sit back and relax and literally take our hands off the wheel. Volvo have uploaded their concepts to the inter-webs and they look fantastic. Travel pods that turn into meeting pods or a relaxation mode in the form of a lounge or a bedroom on wheels. It’s a pretty cool idea travelling overnight and waking up refreshed at your destination. Apparently Volvo have gone a little further then most when considering safety, as only Volvo can. They have proposed a safety blanket in lieu of the seatbelt, this allows unrestricted movement when laying down however in the event of an accident the blanket becomes taut and holds the occupant in place… brilliant piece of design thinking, lets see how they go.

Check out the 10:30am appointment on the display window in the image above. I’ve also attached a few more renders below that look great. Via Jalopnik.


Solo & Beastie Boys Mashup


Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer ℅ Lucasfilm Ltd. This one has been recut to some Beastie Boys “Sabotage” by Chris Galegar at War Starts At Midnight. Via Gizmodo.

Interestingly I saw this version being played on a screen at a major department store in the Melbourne Emporium. I don’t know if it was intentional but it was very cool.



Not the design magazine but bona fide wallpaper. I realise wallpaper comes in and out of ‘fashion’ but personally I do love big graphic paste up custom wallpapers. I was recently lucky enough to have a great client that was very receptive to all of our proposals. One of these included a couple of custom wallpapers, the easy sell was a full wall world map in the kids play room, easy sell as you can justify this as educational. The slightly harder sell was a full wrap around beach scene in the powder room. He was totally into it from inception but her… not so much. The fact it was a powder room that you can easily avoid made it more palatable for her, alternatively, close the door and you just won’t see it. The flip side is when a guest comes around then the reactions are fantastic. Its a bit of fun that was fun to do. Below you’ll find the sketch elevations. This project will be photographed soon, so check back again.


Future Cities Symposium


BIG + Fender Katsalidis Lanescraper Southbank by Beulah

Less of a symposium and more a pre-marketing marketing campaign by a developer. That said, it was astonishing to be able to watch six of the top international architectural firms battle it out and present their ideas for this particular site. The building is a heavy mixed use $2B tower at a Site on the corner of City Road & Southbank Boulevard in Southbank Melbourne (currently a BMW showroom). This boulevard has some major adjustments underway as the Arts Precinct expands southwards and now east to this site and beyond to the Yarra River. I don’t think anyone mentioned the notion this is likely to be Australia’s tallest structure but everyone was aware that City Road is a basket case in need of some major love. The idea this was a ‘future cities’ talk is not far off as this building will house a future city with 250,000 square feet of space.


MPavilion by OMA


OMA MPavilion 2017

The MPavilion is a highlight on the Melbourne architectural calendar and an offshoot of the Serpentine Pavilion in London. The most recent iteration was designed by Rem Koolhaas & David Gionotten from OMA (the Office of Metropolitan Architecture). This was amazing and the lecture series with both of them and Virginia Triolli plus Naomi Milgrom was pretty heavy on theory. I was sceptical that Rem would show up to our little island in the south here but further listening meeked out the fact OMA have been working with Naomi for a number of years on a masterplan of her Sussan Corporation land holding in Cremorne, check out the rooftop artwork by Ugo Rondionone in a previous post here.  If you didn’t catch a glimpse of the pavilion when it was at Queen Victoria Gardens then do not stress, it has been permanently relocated to Monash University.  The next pavilion will be designed by Carme Pinos so go search that one. Previous pavilions in 2014 (inaugural) by Sean Godsell, 2015 Amanda Levete; 2016 Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai. Follow the link below to see the others or go directly to the MPavilion site for everything you need.