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Open Space Office by Tito Mouraz journalOpen Space Office by Tito Mouraz 2011

Natural materials are very important to us. There is great merit in being noble with the materials we use, by this we mean the materials should read as they are, natural and unpainted where possible. We choose materials for their functionality, durability, wearability, colours and textures and not all of these at the same time.

A good example is marble, very solid and beautiful but it comes with some trade-offs. Option A you treat it with great care and keep the finish close to when purchased. Option B is you care less and let it patina; Carrara absorbs water or liquids and shows scratches and blemishes but if you’re into that then it’s simply a part of it. Like a classic car with cracked leather seats, so much better than forever new look pleather upholstery. Returning to the analogy it’s like a reconstituted stone top, hard wearing but not the same.

Image first seen on It’s Nice That followed by Yellowtrace.