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Superyacht ‘A’

A superyacht journal

‘A’ was designed by Phillippe Stark and built in 2008 by Blohm + Voss. This super yacht is 119m, has 6 cabins plus the master suite accommodating 14 guests with 37 crew members (thats almost 1 to 3, wow). The bow of this motor yacht looks like a mistake with an upside down hull but you’ll see many newer racing yachts with a similar design including the new America’s Cup AC46 and AC72’s. The design cuts through the water which then moves up over the deck on smaller vessels but on this one I doubt you’d get wet. Owned by the Russian oligarch Melnichenko at a rumoured cost of $300M. He has since commissioned another behemoth of a boat in a new tri-mast sail assisted giga yacht also called ‘A’ and also designed by Phillippe Stark.