Tesla Cybertruck



Jeez I wish the press would lay off Elon, there is no other entrepreneur working on, or off, the planet that is putting his money where his mouth is to this level.  No doubt he has a few missteps but all the good is just so great.

I’m a big fan of Tesla and I love the new Cybertruck utility. I have little need for a utility in my life but if I did; I would seriously consider pre ordering one along with the 150,000 others that have.  The design is reminiscent of many movies such as Bladerunner, Star Wars, Total Recall or any other with a futuristic setting, it looks like it has basically come from the future, maybe that is why there has been such a reaction to it.

The stats of Tesla vehicles are always incredible and this one is no different with all sorts of features such as Ultra-Hard 30x Cold-Rolled stainless-steel panels, I have no idea what 30X means in this context but it sounds mean. An exoskeleton, I’m guessing is, similar to a monocoque chassis. Bullet-proof glass is probably a little overboard unless you’re based in Kabul, still cool.  Automatic suspension is a great idea, Range Rover have been at this for a while.   Six seats, the new Land Rover Defender just came out with this option last month via a Dicky seat in the front row. All this on-top of the regular Tesla features of electric propulsion, rechargeable batteries, semi-autonomous driving capability and awesome interior and tech features including a car that can drive in a mode called “Ludicrous Speed”, thank you Mel Brooks.

The design of this thing is off the charts and I can’t wait to see them on the road. Some links to previous Tesla posts of mine here, here and here.