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Wally Yachts

esense 01 port

This is the 143 ft (43m) Wally yacht called Esense. The name is a little corny but when you commission a piece of work to the value of $20M, you can call it anything you want. Designed by Wally Yachts (ITA) Naval Architecture by Tripp Design (USA) & the interior designed by Odile Decq (FRA). Follow the jump to see every photo I could find.

I’ve long had an interest in sailing however, until recently, very little in yacht design. Largely due to the fact that internally they have always been hideous. Externally boats need to serve a very particular need; racing, cruising or even on a basic level; floating. While these elements are first and foremost unfortunately interiors were generally neglected with crass burled timber & puffy cream upholstery. The old saying goes “all dollars and no sense”.

Architects Lazzarini & Pickering (ITA + AUS) first piqued my interest in Wally and modern yacht design when they did the interior for WallyB, currently for sale at a cool $6M, wowsers.

Since then, Wally has produced some of the most stunning and modern yachts built to date. Esense is a super yacht like few others. It is not gaudy but sleek and minimal, it is also surprisingly practical within its class and apparently fast and agile. Some of the key elements include the ‘terrace on the sea’ with the lounge that overlooks the ocean, a very tricky feat and a perfect spot for some clay targets. The other is the bulwarks along the runners, a modern take on a concept dating back to historic tall ships. This not only protects or shields the occupants but also acts as an excellent safely measure on such a large vessel. It would be hard to keep an eye on all your guests, especially when they can be up to 40 metres away.

WallyB, mentioned above, can be chartered for $70K +++ per week, suits six guests and the same number of crew… it’s just zeros.

If anyone is seeking someone to design the interior of their yacht, we would love the opportunity. All images from Wally, photos by Gilles Martin-Raget or Toni Meneguzzo.

* UPDATE. Angels Share, a similar 40m yacht built in 2009 with very different interior is currently for sale at $16.7M.

esense 02 stern night

esense 03 bow

esense 04 stern

20/09/2006 - Ancona (ITA) - Super Yachts - Wally Yacht - Wally 143 - Esense***20/09/2006 - Ancona (ITA) - Super Yachts - Wally Yacht - Wally 143 - Esense

esense 06 aerial

esense 07 deck

esense 08 bulwark

esense 09 helm

esense 10 terrace on the sea

esense 11 interior living room

esense 12 interior lounge

esense 13 lounge

esense 14 interior guest

esense 15 smaller images 1

esense 16 smaller images 2

esense 17 owners ensuite basin

esense 18 owners ensuite bath

esense 19 owners ensuite

esense 20 owners suite

Photo by Erik Brin for