Artday – Supreme Clay Brick

Following on from the last post regarding the Supreme SF store here, I mentioned the brand Supreme and their crazy accessories range, this is a prime example of their wildly eclectic series of branded items: the ‘Supreme Clay Brick’  which is exactly that, a clay brick.  This was released in 2016 for approximately AUD $45 per brick and as with most of their items they are issued on a limited run to create scarcity.  It is hard to believe but this is no joke, the resale value of Supreme items is where things get interesting.  Fanboys line up for this stuff and do the hard and embarrassing work of cueing physically or online for “a brick” then they place them on the secondhand market where they cash in while having the last laugh on their way to the bank.  To clarify how serious this resale market really is; in May 2019 Sotheby’s Hong Kong held an auction “The Supreme Vault: 1998-2018” with an estimate for the brick between HKD $1,000 – $2,000 (AUD $190 – $380), no mention of the final sale value but a quick search showed results of about AUD $1,500.  Finally consider a humble brick made in the billions is worth $1.00.  Branding!