B60 sloop 1
Following on from my previous post on the super yacht Wally Esense which you can view here, I present another beauty. This is the B60 Sloop, at 60ft (18m) she is simple and ultra minimal. Designed in 2006 by Naval Architect Luca Brenta (ITA) with interiors by John Pawson (UK) this yacht is totally modern and sleek.

The images are pretty special with all the boat crew in matching beige outfits. As with Esense the interior goes against the odds and presents smooth clean bright lines with little to no colour. B60 is the largest at 60ft, B-Yachts also do a 52, 43, 38 & 30. They’re not cheap but then again what yacht is?

I first saw this on Dezeen, the best design blog on the planet. Images from B-Yachts and John Pawson. Follow the jump to see a full set of images.

B60 sloop 2

B60 sloop 3

B60 sloop 4

B60 sloop 5

B60 sloop 6

B60 sloop 7

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B60 sloop 10

B60 sloop 11

B60 sloop 12

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B60 sloop 17

B60 sloop 18

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Brenta Yachts B60
Brenta Yachts B60