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Artday – Supreme Clay Brick

Following on from the last post regarding the Supreme SF store here, I mentioned the brand Supreme and their crazy accessories range, this is a


Supreme SF

I’m no fanboy and I’ll queue for nothing but people do.  Supreme have just posted some images of their new store in San Fransisco. For


Artday – Korban Flaubert

This stunning piece is from their Nude series, they’re desktop size and handmade in stainless steel. Check out KF’s website here where you’ll see an


Artday – Chris Engman

These images are pretty extraordinary. You need to really look at them closely to see what is going on, I’ll give you a hint, there


Neo Tokyo Metro

Beautiful video artwork by Afridimensional. Reminds me of the genesis for our corporate ID graphics, an obscure nothing image mirrored over itself. via Gizmodo