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My name is on Mars

NASA Perseverance Icon Plate Earlier this year NASA landed another rover on Mars, it was a pretty spectacular achievement as this was the first time


ZNTH AR Telescope

UK designer Raymond Ng has come up with a beautiful and simplified concept for the classic telescope design. Traditionally, telescopes have been very technical to


Solar System Sculpture

The piece is a series of bronze & stainless steel planets placed around the bay in St Kilda in a replica scale model of our solar system,


Cassini’s Grand Finale

A while back I posted a short film called Wanderers created by Erik Wernquist, you can check it out here.  In that film Erik used recreations of


Planet Pins

Hand painted premium push pins from Tokyo. A mash up of stationary and the planets. Purchase at Duncan Shotton, link here. Via Colossal.


Mars Curiosity

I was talking to a friend recently and we both admitted that our sites had a lot of space posts, it’s just too interesting to


Artday – NASA Selfie

This is NASA astronaut Scott Kelly taking one the best selfies in history. The image did the rounds on the inter-webs a little while back


Space Invader & ISS

My fascination with the International Space Station continues; this is a piece by the world famous artist Space Invader and was carried to our orbiting


ISS Nerd Alert

ISS Fly-Through (4K Ultra HD) Via The Age ℅ the NASA YouTube channel. Some of my nerdy/architectural thoughts on the ISS in a previous post