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Grantham Park

Osborne House photo by Toni ODonoghue
Osborne House photo by Toni ODonoghue

Designed by Enrico Taglietti in 1961 for Pat & Sally Osborne on their property, Currandooley in Bungendore NSW. This was one of Taglietti’s early projects and his first house in Australia. He was born and studied in Italy and also attended Le Corbusier’s summer school in Marseille. Enrico went on to create some significant & lasting buildings in Sydney, the ACT and Victoria including my local St Kilda Library. This library was later renovated by Victorian firm ARM, much to Enrico’s dismay. Grantham Park was ground breaking for its time and still remains a very important piece of work. The house included a huge ceiling & wall hung copper mantle piece that also doubles as a warming seat. Many elements from this house can be seen in his later larger scale work, refer to this photo by Max Creasy. Enrico was the recipient of the AIA 2007 Gold Medal, the highest accolade for an architect in Australia and well deserved.