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Key Branding offices

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I love doing office fit-outs, I cut my teeth on big companies in Sydney such as Foxtel, Y&R, AMP, Murdoch Magazines and it still excites me. The majority of offices today have moved toward a similar path as bulk homes; risk averse, cookie cutter banality. When a client comes along who wants a new exciting office and is willing to seek some forward thinking and strategic planning then an architect can help, the results can be excellent. Considering we spend more daylight hours in our workplaces than we do at home you’d think this may influence more people in their design choices.

This project was for a fledgling agency called Key Branding, a fantastic easy going client that was onboard every step of the way. One of the directors even did all the 3D imagery during the design process. Look at our projects page here for more images and text.