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Tutoring Professional Practice

Callum Morton MUMA

I just finished a semester of tutorial work for the Professional Practice course at Monash University Art, Design & Architecture dept (MADA) with Thom MacKenzie of Winwood MacKenzie. Thom put together a very exciting new way of lecturing this final year subject that was far removed from the dry “don’t get sued” mentality of the course during my degree. The lectures were very insightful and the work produced by the students was exceptional. It was great to be involved and to give back but I took away just as much.

The image above is Silverscreen 2010 by Callum Morton, Callum is the professor of Fine Arts at Monash, this work of his is installed at Monash Uni between the Architecture building to the left and the DCM designed Arts building to right and above the MUMA gallery entrance. Callum’s work is always spectacular.