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Middle Park Renovation


A challenging renovation to a stable in Middle Park. The existing house was based in a old stable that was subdivided off a larger property in the late 70s. Cox Carmichael did a first take on the property and created a hidden oasis off the rear street that is the little known Canterbury Place (not to be mistaken for Canterbury Road as with most pizza deliveries). The original renovation worked well however it was tight and had not worn well, basically it was tired and needed a refresh.

We were commissioned to review the building and let it come up for some air. The structure and planning were great and they didn’t need any meddling, our solution was to simply push the building out wherever neccessary and we also pulled up part of the roof. These gestures created new areas for extra spaces and more clearance around existing programme. Every surface was considered and the house now feels brand new with a very happy client. I love the fact that you could never tell from the outside.