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Octocube Heater

Octocube by MU Design
Octocube by MU Design

This is a concept for a hydronic heating unit designed by Vivien Muller of MU Design, check his ULO surveillance camera here. Hydronic heating is really common throughout Europe, the UK and the US whereas Australia rates them as a premium product, simply due to our perfect climate and also our comparatively smaller population. In basic terms Hydronic works by running heated water through panels of piping mounted on walls or under the floor, think of the old cast iron heating units in just about every NY apartment. Vivien’s idea is to create a visual piece using simple elements while maximising the amount of heating surface in a small cubic area, its pretty smart thinking. I’ve enquired about their availability however they are only at concept stage, I hope MU pursue this as I’d love one in my house. If you want to read more about heating and energy use, check an earlier article of mine on the subject here.