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Solo Circle House by OFFICE Kersten Geers & David Van Severen

This is the Solo House in Spain and I am a little obsessed with it. Brilliance designed by a firm, I think, are called either Office KGDVS or Goldsmith (I am really not sure).  I have studied these photos, plans and renderings over the past few months and I would love to get into the minds of both Kersten & David to understand more about the house.  Mostly because it is a concept made real which is always very exciting. You need a excellent client to allow such a pure idea to become a reality. I imagine the house would an fabulous experience. Built in 2017 and photographed by Bas Princen. Follow the jump below to see a plan. Via Archdaily, see more here in their super thorough blog post. If you want to read more about OFFICE, check out El Croquis issue 185.

*UPDATE: I just learned this house is available for rent at a boutique hotel site here. I also noticed another significant house called Casa Solo Pezo (cover shot of Superhouses) designed by Pezo & Von Ellrichshausen is also located on the land and also available to rent.

** UPDATE: I mentioned above that I would love to get into the minds of the architect… well wait no more, now you can read an interview with the architects over at the Arquitectura-G site, link to the article here, some great stuff in there for any archinerds.  I also noticed Bjark & his 4 wives just stayed there, check out the time-lapse video on his Insta account.