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Designed by Jurgen Bay in 1999 and distributed by Droog, co founded by Dutch duo Gijs Bakker & Renny Rammers. They have numerous extra-ordinary items under their banner and they are so far on the edge that you’ll find many of their works in galleries and private collections. These items do not end up in land fill as with most Matt Blahhh trash.

“A fallen tree can serve as a seat. The addition of bronze classical chair backs makes it a proper piece of furniture, a crossing between nature and culture. Jurgen Bey makes clear that it is ridiculous to transport trees when they are locally available. Therefore only the chair backs are for sale.”

At €12,500 (AU$18,400) for the bronze cast backs, they are pretty steep however considering these are more a work of art than a piece of furniture, the price somehow seems reasonable. Check out Droog here.