Not the design magazine but bona fide wallpaper. I realise wallpaper comes in and out of ‘fashion’ but personally I do love big graphic paste up custom wallpapers. I was recently lucky enough to have a great client that was very receptive to all of our proposals. One of these included a couple of custom wallpapers, the easy sell was a full wall world map in the kids play room, easy sell as you can justify this as educational. The slightly harder sell was a full wrap around beach scene in the powder room. He was totally into it from inception but her… not so much. The fact it was a powder room that you can easily avoid made it more palatable for her, alternatively, close the door and you just won’t see it. The flip side is when a guest comes around then the reactions are fantastic. Its a bit of fun that was fun to do. Below you’ll find the sketch elevations. This project will be photographed soon, so check back again.

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