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Ask an Architect



Driving along the Nepean Hwy in Brighton Victoria (near the corner of North Rd) I usually look up at the billboards expecting to see another big player advertising their wares; Caltex, Land Rover, Safeway etc. This time I was pleasantly surprised to see my local chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) advertising me.
This is excellent and I can’t imagine my membership dollars being spent any better way. Delving a little deeper, my only query to the AIA; as a member, is my practice on the ‘ask an architect’ website? After a little research I found this initiative is a rebranding of Achicentre therefore I don’t think I am by default. I will have to fix that. Our AIA are doing plenty of things, some say too many with diluted effect. I generally disagree with this position however we certainly do need a lift to our profile.

I think an advertising program is fantastic, the copy is long but effective. While these ads are leading the public to a particular website, the affects are much broader with the collateral being all architects.