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Grand Designs Australia


I have watched a few episodes of Grand Designs Australia and I am always surprised and amazed at how good they are. While I am probably a little bias in the fact that I am an architect, Peter Maddison and the show’s approach is outstanding. They are ultimately aimed at the public and end users (our clients) and whether the outcome is good, bad or ugly, the journey is very entertaining and the most important element.

We may have found the Robin Boyd of our time. Peter is out there talking about the process and delivers the story impeccably with a very professional angle while still being personal for the owners benefit. He makes them feel good about divulging very private information.

I suggest anyone that is about to commission an architect to design a new home, renovation or any project to watch a few episodes, it will make them feel a little more comfortable. The process is not always easy as Peter says, but with a clear head, a little faith, openness and perceveerance the outcomes will be well worth the time and effort.

Peter was well deserving in winning the recent AIA Vic media award, congratulations.

Please note, this is NOT a paid promo for Foxtel, The Lifestyle Channel, Grand Designs Australia or anything of the sort, this is simply my own personal opinion & commentary on the process of design and architecture. Watch the show or buy some DVDs, I have.