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Designing houses for rock stars and artists

Callum Morton’s house - designed by architect Chris de Campo
Callum Morton’s house – designed by architect Chris de Campo

An upcoming Melbourne Architecture Annual (MA|A) event “Designing houses for rock stars and artists” is on this Wednesday, Oct 26. If you want to come along, book your tickets here, its sponsored by Our Houses. The image above is Callum Morton’s house that was designed by architect Chris de Campo. A great way to understand the design process is to listen to them both talk about their experience. Architect Stuart Tanner and Violent Femmes bass player Brian Ritchie will also talk about their project.

The Age recently ran an article by Joanna Brookfield which is a good read. Joanna interviews Cameron Bruhn of Our Houses about this idea; ”And what about the role of these clients in this relationship? Are they different to the usual, being creative themselves? No, it turns out they’re not,” Bruhn says. ”They’re still interested in the same things, they’re still interested in the amount of storage space, where the kids are going to sleep, the kitchen layout.”

In the same vein, a few years ago I heard Roger Wood of Wood Marsh talk with Juliana Engberg, the curatorial director of the ACCA, this gave great insight and it reinforced how important this relationship is to any design process.