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Artday – Barry Mcgee

Barry Mcgee: The Stars Were Aligned 2004, Kaldor Public Art Projects No 14 held at the Metropolitan Meat Market Gallery space, Melbourne.

The entry to this exhibition was a total mind bend, by all appearances you enter through the facade or a normal old Victorian building into the foyer of the gallery, a standard looking door off to the right provides access to the exhibition space and all seems normal. Once in the main space you look back and you’ve just walked out of the top of an upturned truck. The chaos has begun and you’re a part of it. Anarchy all around, it appears as though you’ve stumbled upon the remains of a riot with a few sketchy anatomic graffiti artists still lingering, the space filled with the art, sounds and smoke of street artist Barry Mcgee aka Twist. Probably the best graffiti show that i’ve ever seen in a gallery space, if it ever comes around again go and see it. Rhys Lee’s donut mountain show at Helen Gory Gallery in Prahran was also way up there.

I am surprised by how many public arts projects have affected me over the years and I’m only just noticing recently they were all commissioned by John Kaldor and his Kaldor Public Art Projects. Some previous posts in my Journal include Our Magic Hour by Uno Rondinone + Christo & Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast.