Giant Die Bollart

The bollard art or ‘bollart’ was starting to happen but not fast enough.  So I went out there with some friends and painted some myself.  I did the Giant Die in white with black dots and no, the opposing sides do not all add up to seven, remember this was a clandestine operation in the dead of night with some risk of arrest so we had to move quickly.  You’ll also see the blocks have a number of existing holes including 2x forklift holes on two of the sides and 2x ring pull holes on the top so I placed the dots as best as possible to suit these holes.  We picked one of the best spots in the city; directly in front of  the NGV atrium and opposite Melbourne’s famous graffiti filled Hosier Lane, couldn’t be better.  Follow the jump to see some action shots taken by my sister Evelyn Rose and niece Mia Rose.

Many thanks to the team work of artist Carla O’Brien and her friend Eloise.  We also did a giant rubix cube and a number of scrabble pieces that all looked great.  Glad I went out there and did it, I’m still looking forward to see some other ideas.